The Story of Shri Ranganathaswamy Temple

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When it comes to India, the number of Deity statues and temples is unimaginable. People from all around the world come to India.

It is bizarre if they do not visit even a single temple. It sounds funny, but it’s true.

But, when it comes to big temples, the Shri Ranganathaswamy temple is the temple that tops the list with its mammoth size. Any guesses before proceeding?

Is it India’s largest temple? Yes…

Asia’s largest temple? Yes, it indeed is…

World’s largest temple? Yes, it is THE ONE…

With its massive size of over 156 acres, the temple of Lord Vishnu’s reclining form is located in Srirangam of Tamil Nadu.

It is constructed in the Dravidian architectural form (pyramid-shaped tower style), rising towards the sky with a height of 70 meters, just 3 meters smaller than Qutub Minar, the tallest pillar in India.

Ranganathaswamy Temple

How did it get its name? (History Surprise)

It has been said that Lord Rama worshipped the deity for a long time. When he was about to leave for Ayodhya after his legendary victory over Ravana and his army, he passed the responsibility to Vibhishana (Ravana’s brother who chose the right side in the war) to do the worshipping deeds.

On getting this responsibility, Vibhishana felt blessed but also felt that if Lord Rama left, the place would lose its positivity.

But, Lord Vishnu appeared before him and expressed his wish to stay as Ranganatha in the temple; this rejuvenated the happiness of the people of the place.

Ranganathaswamy Temple

 Festivals woo… 

The festival period in the temple lasts from December – to April, and it is not just a celebration; if you are planning to join any, then it is a plan to join ‘THE CELEBRATION’ at this temple.

There are four major festival celebrations named Sri Jayanthi, Ekadesi, ChithiraiTher, and Rothosavam, and out of these, Ekadesi is celebrated with the most grandeur.

The festival is celebrated for 21 days continuously, starting at the end of December and ending in mid-January.

It is believed that Lord Ragnathan takes his role as a king when he (statue) comes out of the sanctum only for a day, and the divine court of 1000 pillars (Fact check: 953 to be exact) gets magnificently decorated.

More than a million tourists participate in the celebration of Ekadesi; isn’t it grand!

Ranganathaswamy Temple
Bas reliefs on gopura (tower) of Hindu temple. Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple. Tiruchirappalli (Trichy), Tamil Nadu, India

Want to get more amazed?

How old do you think this temple is? 100 years? 200 years? 500!

The temple’s pillars have the Chola and Pandya dynasty inscriptions, which means the temple already existed in 10 A.D. When we said that Lord Rama worshiped in this temple, it is not simply told.

It is from the holy era; it has just got rebuilt numerous times as the temple has been the victim of Mughal wars.

Ranganathaswamy Temple

Chandra Pushkarini and Surya Pushkarini are the two names that have the best view and sitting point in the temple. These are the names of the two water tanks in the temple holding 2 million liters of water.

If you plan a trip and think of places to visit, I will make a plan, especially for this place. Do join.

*Kindly check with the temple for any change in timings

Opening timings of Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple, which is popularly known as Srirangam Temple, is from 6 AM to 9 PM. This temple is open on all days of the week.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are Srirangam Temple darshan timings /  Ranganathaswamy temple timings?

Viswaroopa seva06:00to07:15
(No Darshan) – Pooja time07:15to09:00
Darshan Timings09:00to12:00
(No Darshan) – Pooja time12:00to13:15
Darshan Timings13:15to18:00
(No Darshan) – Pooja time18:00to18:45
Darshan Timings18:45to21:00

Updated timing

Srirangam Temple official website –

What is the Srirangam temple dress code?

The temple follows strict dress codes. You are not allowed to enter the temple in Western outfits that are provocative or revealing in any manner.  You should not wear Tank tops, sleeveless dresses, shorts, or skirts.  It’s best to wear traditional Indian clothing.  Some areas in the temple have restricted entry only for priests.  Devotees are not allowed to touch the main idol of the Lord.

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