Most Popular Drinks from India

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Popular Drinks from India – Sip…Sip…Sip, yes, Indian drinks are so delightful and full of flavors that you want to drink them very slowly to feel the full flavor of it popping all your taste buds, unlike the westernized soda pops, which you have to drink in a go or quickly and the taste stays for few seconds only. Moreover, India is so diverse that one type of drink (unlike soda with different flavors) cannot justify its diversity. So, here we are presenting a list of the most popular drinks from different parts of India.

01 MASALA CHAI: (India)

Chai (Tea), you know when you search on Google ‘National drink of India’, it will answer ‘Tea’ even when India does not have any national drink, but it is so widely consumed, a hotshot topic that even Google can’t resist it. One needs many other things with just special black Indian tea and green leaves to make it. According to taste, you need green cardamom, ground ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, ground cloves, and sugar. If it is raining outside, you can get the best feel and talk with friends over a cup of Masala tea.

Popular Drinks from India
Homemade Indian Masala Chai Tea is made of black tea, various spices, and mixed with milk.

02 Chaach (Punjab Chugging)

Most people confuse lassi with chaach, although both are the most popular drinks in Punjab. But, Chaach is a lighter beverage with a slightly saltier taste and does not come in any flavor except salty, of course, whereas lassi comes in a lot of flavors. Be ready for the ingredients of Chaach (Indian-styled buttermilk). Yogurt (curd either), more than double the amount of cold water to make it thin, green chili, ginger, cilantro, chat masala, salt, black salt, and 2 -3 leaves of mint on top. GREAT N GOOD to go, serve as chilled as possible.

Popular Drinks from India
Masala Chaas (Spiced Buttermilk)

03 Thandai (Brij Royalty)

This is the most loved beverage during the festival of Holi and Mahashivratri in India. Why? Bhaang, to be Lord Shiva’s favorite drink, which involves cannabis and is not suitable for humans to consume thandai, came as an alternative that uses saffron to make the drink special. Milk, saffron, and a variety of dry fruits are the main ingredients of Thandai. Festival music, colors in the air, and this drink make the best combination to be in the best mood.

Glass of thandai during holi festival
A glass of thandai during the Holi festival

04 Kokum Sharbet (Maharashtra’s Breeze)

Cool, cooler, coolest felt in the body when you drink Kokum at its best. Let me tell you a secret, and you can’t drink it anywhere else around the world as the fruit of Kokum (Garcinia Indica) grows only on the Konkan coast. Once the Kokum is boiled and mixed with sugar and cumin, the drink gets its blood-red color. Drink it chilled, and it will cool down all the heat in the body.

Popular Drinks from India
Kokam sharbat or kokum juice

05 Aam Panha (Gujarati Lover)

This is one of the most famous drinks in India. The consumption touches the sky from April to August, and if you are a mango lover but haven’t tried it out, you are missing a big thing in your life. It comprises unripe mangoes, salt, Jeera powder, and chili. It is a go-to chilled drink to keep us cool in hot summer, there is a sweeter version of this too, and there is a chutney named gadamba made in the same way but a bit thicker.

Aam panna
Aam Panna

Enjoy these famous drinks of India, but hey, these are just famous, but you can find that even each village having its own specialty.

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