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Mana Village: of the most scenic and cultural heritage places is ‘Mana village,’ which resides in the midst of the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand at an elevation of 3200 meters.

It is also an important part of Indian mythology scripture ‘The Mahabharata’ as this was the place the Pandavas crossed before continuing their journey to heaven.

Mana Village

The place is at a distance of 4 KM from the great pilgrimage ‘Badrinathji.

The way to travel to this village is by booking a taxi, which costs around Rs. 300 for one side, or trekking, which is preferable because this 4 KM of trek holds the most beautiful and iconic mountain points in between, and no one would want to miss that.

Mana village

An interesting part about this place is that the people take pride in living in this village and most of their shops have hoardings that say ‘India’s last village shop.’

India’s government has also recognized it and placed signs stating ‘THE LAST INDIAN VILLAGE’ for the directions.

Attraction in Mana village :

01. Bheemapul

Bheempul is a famous stone bridge over the Sarasvati River, which is believed to be made by ‘Bheem,’ one of the five Pandavas for his wife ‘Panchali’ to help her cross the river.

One can witness a 20 ft. foot mark right next to the bridge. It is said to be of ‘Bheem,’ can you imagine the size of Bheem?

River Sarasvati
River Sarasvati is a holy river described in ancient scriptures of India.

02. Vyasagufa

You can also visit Vyasagufa when you are here. ‘Vyasagufa (cave)’ is where sage Vyasa sat and recited the Mahabharata after compiling four Vedas’ knowledge.

At a distance of a few feet, one can find the ‘Ganesh Gufa (Cave), where Lord Ganesha sat and wrote the complete Mahabharata.

It is a famous story that Lord Ganesha put a condition in front of Sage Vyasa that if he stopped speaking in between even to take a heavy breath, then he will not write the scripture, and it will be left incomplete forever.

03. Neelkanth Peak

This Peak has an altitude of around 6597 ft and is one of the most visited attractions. This place is also called the ‘Queen of Garhwal.’ This snow-covered peak has enchanting towers of the Badrinath Temple and is a must-visit place for all those looking for adventure and trekking.

Mana Village
Badrinath temple

04. Mata Murti Temple

The Mata Murti Temple is devoted to the mother of Lord Narayan. It is believed, Mata Murti asked Lord Vishnu to be born as her son.

This wish was granted by Lord Vishnu, who took birth to twins, i.e., Nar and Narayan.  An annual fair is organized, and many tourists pay their visit to this temple, which is held in August.

05. Tapt Kund:

Tapt Kund, according to Hindu mythology is the holy abode for the Lord of Fire or Agni. People believe that the kund waters of this natural spring have healing properties and can cure skin diseases by taking a dip.

06. Vasudhara

This is a beautiful waterfall located at 9km from Badrinath Temple. Legend says that Pandavas used to stay here during exile.

07. Trekking – Mana village is known for the wonderful treks

Mana to Vasudhara: It is a 9 km long trek from Badrinathji to Vasudhara and reaches a beautiful waterfall.

Trek to Satopath: It starts from Mana and ends on Satopathlake at the altitude of 4600 meters.

Trek to Mana Pass: One needs permission from high authorities to trek on this pass as it is not open for civilians and is used only by army officials. But, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get on this trek.

Do look out for details and border conditions as this pass touches the border between India and Tibet.

This pass holds the Sarasvati River’s source and holds iconic scenes Of Chaukhamba, one of the highest peaks of the Himalayan range.

The food and staying facilities are available at Joshimath (a place near Mana).

How to Reach Mana Village:

BY ROAD – One can reach this village, starting from Haridwar, then through NH -58 you can reach Joshimath.

From Joshimath, it takes 20 KMs to reach Govindghat.

From Govindghat, it takes 25 KMs to reach Badrinath.

From Badrinath, it takes 3 KMs to reach Mana village.

From Mana Village, it takes 50 KMs to reach Mana Pass with special permission (which could result in a hectic journey with a blessed ending).

BY AIR – The closest airport to Mana village is ‘Jolly Grant Airport,’ in Dehradun. From Dehradun to Mana village is around 319 km. From the airport, you can travel by Taxi, or there is a bus too.

BY RAILWAYS – It takes 275 km from Mana village the nearest railway station is in Haridwar.  You will get buses or taxis which will take you to Mana Village.

BY BUS – This is the Government website for booking View Bus Schedule / Book Online.

Best time to Visit Mana Village :

The climate all through the summers is cool, with a breeze giving you a chill up the spine. There is heavy rainfall during monsoons which is a deterrent for tourists to come here; however, Mana is beautiful during this season, and the air feels fresh and pure.

Summer – One of the best times to visit with the temperature around 18 degrees Celsius. Night tends to be colder and chilly.

Monsoon – You can still visit Mana Village in the monsoon season. The temperature tends to be around 15 degrees Celsius. Be careful as you may face roadblocks and sometimes landslides. Please do your research and check the weather before deciding to visit Mana in Monsoon.

Winter – The winter season in Mana is freezing, and the temperature can drop below 0 degrees Celsius. This region gets frequent snowfall, and visiting places can become difficult.

We hope you enjoy this great once-in-a-lifetime experience with full enthusiasm and captured moments.

Some More information:-

State: Uttarakhand
District: Chamoli
Famous for/as: Waterfall
Languages: Garhwali, Hindi
Best Season: May – Nov
Weather: Summer 15-25°C,
Winter: 5-19°C
Altitude: 3219 m
Pincode: 246422
STD code: 07248

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