31 famous Spices of India

Spices of India

Indian cuisine is defined by its diverse spices, which are utilized extensively in a variety of ways in traditional dishes. A slight change in cooking method, as well as the sequence in which they are used, may completely alter the flavor of the same flavoring. We’ve highlighted some of India’s …

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Traditional Legal Alcoholic Drinks Made in India

Theme based restraurant

*Legal Alcoholic Drinks Made in India* The title must have fetched your interest in our blog because this is a legal, partying drink and is Made in India too, which means everything is working your favor. We don’t promote alcohol in any possible way, but these drinks are to be …

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Must Eat Dishes in Madhya Pradesh

dal bati churma

Madhya Pradesh Food: Madhya Pradesh is situated in the heart of India with Bundelkhand and Mewar in the North, Gujarat to the West, Maharashtra to the South. This state has its own distinctive culture as well as cultural influences from its neighboring regions, which reflect strongly in its cuisine as …

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National food of India – Can you guess?

Moong dal khichdi, Indian national Dish

The National Food of India – India is a melting pot of all cultures, traditions, languages, and people. With more than 28 states and 8 union territories, one can expect a diverse range of food and taste. Here are some food which you will find in virtually every household in …

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Zaeka-e-Kahmir or Kashmiri Cuisine

Uttar Pradesh

Kashmiri Cuisine: Just like the beautiful picturesque of the place, the Kashmiri cuisine will leave you longing for more of it. The state offers a few of the most delectable non-vegetarian dishes, which are authentic to this region. Highly reassembling the Mughlai cuisine, the Kashmiri cuisine is mostly non-vegetarian. There …

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Cuisine Of West Bengal – Top 16

Laal maans

Cuisine Of West Bengal: Bengal is famous for its delectable cuisine, which will charge up your taste buds. From a plethora of mouth-watering desserts and confectioneries to the best of fish curries, Bengal is famous all over the globe for few of its culinary delicacies. Rice is the staple diet …

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Famous food of Rajasthan – Mouth watering

Mango Chutney with Lime Pickle and Raita

Famous food of Rajasthan – Being one of the most exotic and royal places in India, Rajasthan is famous for its rajwadi cuisine. Rajasthani cuisine is influenced by the vegetables that grow in the water arid state, the hunting expeditions of the rich royal masses, lifestyle of local warriors and …

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4 Unique Theme Based Restaurants in India

Theme based restraurant

Theme based restaurants are and will always be a trending places to visit, explore, have differently styled food, don’t forget Instagram pictures and don’t waste too much on them too. In USA harry potter theme based restaurant is famous, Japan is having a lot of anime theme based eating places, …

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10 Amazing sea foods only Mumbai would ever offer you!

Deep Fried White Pomfret

Mumbai – Did you know that it is globally recognized as the largest peninsula of the world hosts has its own exclusive benefit? Seafood, luckily, is what we really do care about. Having quite a huge percentage of the coastline all to itself already, Mumbai is known as home to …

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Most Popular Drinks from Different parts of India

Aam panna

Popular Drinks from India – Sip…Sip…Sip, yes, Indian drinks are so delightful and full of flavors that you want to drink them very slowly to feel the full flavor of it popping all your taste buds, unlike the westernized soda pops which you have to drink in a go or …

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