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Saptapuri : There is no doubt that Indian tourism always holds at least one or at most uncountable beautifully architecture temples. A lot of these temples have their own incredible history which makes people to adorn the sites with more compassion and reverence. India is known to be the land of Deities who blessed this land with numerous boons and lessons.

A lot of those boons and lessons reside in the heart of Saptapuri and collectively the place teaches the ultimate lesson of ‘Moksha’ (The cycle of birth and death).

Sapta means ‘seven’ and Puri means ‘pilgrimage’ and it defines the seven pilgrimages forming the center of India and teaches the ultimate lesson of life.


अयोध्या मथुरा माया काशी काञ्ची अवन्तिका ।
पुरी द्वारावती चैव सप्तैते मोक्षदायकाः ॥

This Shloka defines the seven ultimate pilgrimages of India.

Ayodhya (puri): Birth place of lord Rama

Mathura (Madhura puri): Birth place of lord Krishna

Kaashi (Varanasi) (puri): Place where God Shiva and Goddess Parvati residing for some time and it is to believe that it is God Shiva’s favorite place to visit in winter.

Haridwar (Maya puri): The place where the lifecycle of a person ends in the form of ashes travelling through Ganges River and it is the place having shrines of both the deities Shiva and Vishnu.

Kanchipuram (Kanchi Puri): The place is dedicated to Goddess Kamakshi showering her blessings through the Kamakshi Amman temple on the whole city from uncountable centuries.

Ujjain (Avantika Puri): It is also known by its ancient name “Avanti”. A holy place holding one of the twelve Jyotralingas in Mahakaleshwar temple.

Dwarka (Dwarka Puri): Though the Dwarika Mahangri is the place settled by Krishna which is completely made up of gold and he resided there for 100 years before leaving for the battle of Mahabharata. The mythology scripture says that the place gets drowned in the sea because of Krishna’s bane to himself but the present day Dwarika (a discovered part of the actual drowned city) is said to have its place on the western shore of Okhamandal peninsula or the right bank of Gomti river in Gujarat.

Though India does hold a lot of other great holy places but a trip to understand the holiness of life circle can be withheld in thoughts beautifully by visiting these seven places. The distance between these seven places, temperature, people, culture, food are different but the divinity is same.

One would achieve only positive vibes, lessons of life, the culture of India, the spirituality, the divinity, people living happily in all conditions, people dancing in temples, each temple exceeding in comparison to other in terms of age and size and a lot more can be witnessed and experienced at these places.

Visiting Saptapuri is a dream of many but only few can achieve it as it needs time, devotion, dedication, reverence and holy vibes residing in one’s heart. But if once completed the circle you will definitely going to feel blessed and beautiful.

  1. The tour suggest if you begin from Delhi: It could last for as many number of days as you want but the minimum is 15 days.
  2. Arrival at Delhi: – Depart for Mathura (183 Km but will take a lot more if you keep on adding different amazing temples in your list) (Vrindavan is the place of scenic temples and then Barsana)
  3. Next you move to Haridwar from Mathura (650 KM)
  4. From Haridwar either move back to Delhi to take flight to Lucknow or take route directly to Ayodhya through Bareilly and Lucknow and then finally to Ayodhya by travelling a total distance of 636 KM.
  5. Next travel from Ayodhya to Varanasi (203 KM)
  6. Varanasi to Dwarka (The longest journey, flight preferable for sure) (1732 KM)
  7. Dwarka to Indore to Ujjain (844.6 KM)
  8. Ujjain to Indore to Chennai (1632 KM)
  9. Chennai to Kanchipuram (84 KM)
  10. From Kanchipuram, take a flight back to your home by carrying few of the most precious moments of your life.

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