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FOOD FESTIVALS OF INDIA – It should go without saying that culinary festivals usually draw many people. In a nation like India, where various types of foods are considered an essential part of the culture, it is no surprise that food festivals are both numerous and financially successful.

Indian food festivals are renowned for their wide range of unique and delectable foods and the vast number of people that come from all over the world to partake in their festivities. Indian cuisine has already gained widespread acceptance among food enthusiasts all over the globe, thanks to its distinctive combination of ingredients and intoxicating fragrance.

We have compiled a list of the best Indian cuisine festivals from across the nation, renowned for their diversity and delicious meals.

1. Goa Food and Cultural Festival

Destination: Goa | Month: February

Besides its stunning natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere, Goa hosts the Goa Cultural and Food Festival. Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) organized the Goa Food & Cultural Festival to promote Goa’s unique food, rich history, and lively folklore.

In addition to fish curry and rice, more than 70 booths will sell traditional Goan delicacies during the event. This one-of-a-kind culinary festival honors Goa’s vibrant culture by showcasing the region’s best regional cuisine.

Visitors to Goa who like learning about the local culture will have a ball at this spectacular event. After attending this event, anybody would be smitten with the state’s culinary scene.

2. National Street Food Festival

Destination: New Delhi | Month: December/January

Delhiites are crazy about their street food, whether samosas chaat or momos. The NASVI National Street Food Festival brings together some of India’s most beloved street foods from around the country in a single location.

It’s impossible to disagree that street food is always the most delicious. An Indian culinary event like no other, the National Street Food Festival brings together street foods from across the nation in a single location. The Street Cuisine Festival will undoubtedly take you on a delicious culinary journey if you are a passionate street food lover.

In most years, this Indian cuisine festival is held in December or January, and it serves as a major center for street food, including Golgappa, Samosa, Dosa, and Jalebi, as well as everything else that appears on a plate of street food; you name it, and you’ll find it.

3. Asian Hawkers Market

Destination: Delhi | Month: October

When exploring India, the All-Asian Hawkers Food Festival in Delhi is the best place to go if you want to experience a range of Asian cuisines while on vacation. This three-day Indian food festival will showcase delicacies from all over the world, including Korean, Chinese, French, Japanese, Vietnamese, and other cuisines and traditional Indian fare.

A comprehensive menu, which includes everything from sushi to a seafood platter, is available at this venue. A foodie’s dream, this International Culinary Festival brings together cuisine cultures from all over the world. Because it brings together cuisine cultures from all over the world, it may be characterized as a foodie’s dream event.

4. The Grub Fest

Destination: Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Kolkata, & Delhi | Month: February – March

The Grub Fest is the largest food fest organized in India and is known for its wide variety of delicacies. During this food fest, chefs from prominent restaurants around the country come together to serve the food lovers the best of their dishes. Indeed, The Grub Fest is not one to be missed by a staunch food lover.

Apart from the incredible cuisine, this Indian food festival also features workshops, movies, and fun games to entertain the visitors. This food fest takes place in Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune.

5. International Mango Festival

Destination: New Delhi | Month: July

There is a lot of excitement and hoopla around the celebration of the International Mango Festival, which takes place in the Indian capital. Although it is a delicious and versatile fruit, it is a seasonal fruit in nature, the mango is referred to as the “King of all fruits” because of its mouth-watering taste and widespread appeal.

Mango Tree

As a result, every year in July, a mango expo is organized, including hundreds of various kinds of mangoes, dishes prepared with mangoes, and products made with mangoes. This exhibition has been taking place under the International Mango Festival Day banner for more than three decades.

Mango lovers will have the opportunity to taste some uncommon mango species, but they will also have the opportunity to sample some delectable mango-based dishes and engage in some fun activities.

6. Navi Mumbai Food Truck Fest

Destination: Navi Mumbai | Month: March

Food trucks from all over the country participate in this event, which draws people from all over the country. In terms of scale, the Food Truck Festival India is the world’s largest event of its kind.

More than a hundred different cuisines from India will be represented at this Indian food festival. There’s no charge to attend this gourmet festival, and you’ll be spoiled for choice with a wide variety of delectables to sample.

7. Bengaluru Food Fete

Destination: Navi Mumbai | Month: March – April

For those who like good cuisine, the city of Bangalore needs no particular introduction. The city takes great pleasure in being the ideal destination for culinary aficionados from all around the country.

The Food Fete, which takes place in April, is very popular with the public. Famous and up-and-coming chefs, bakers, and restaurateurs from across the world come together on this day to showcase their delectable creations to the public.

Aside from serving meals, the establishment also offers stand-up comedy and musical acts to keep the audience entertained.

8. Mei-Ramew

Destination: Meghalaya | When: December

Mei Ramew is another fantastic culinary festival in India, and you would be remiss if you did not attend this event. Organizers are the North-East Slow Food and Agrobiodiversity Society, which hopes to put Meghalaya’s regional flavors on the map by hosting the event. Check out the Jadoh Rice, Pumaloi, and Bamboo Shoots and some fresh local food available for purchase from the farmers!

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