Fruits name

Here is a list of Fruits names in the most common languages of India, i.e., English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, and Kannada.

These fruits are available in all parts of India. However, some are imported, and their cost can be quite high.

Fruits like Apple, Grapes, Strawberry, Cherry, and Gavau can be directly eaten as their skin is edible. Other fruits like banana, Lychee, and Pineapple have hard skin and need to be peeled off before eating.

Fruits are best eaten directly or can be squashed into juice and consumed. Fruits are a great source of vitamins and minerals that must be eaten daily to maintain good health.







Apple in India Language Apple Seb,
Safarchand Apple Sebu
Mango in India Language Mango Aam Amba Mampalam Mavu
Banana Banana Kela Kela Vazhaipazham Balehannu
Musk Mellon Musk melon Kharabooja Kasturi Kasturi Kharbooja
papaya papaya Papeeta Papai Pappali Parangi
Custard Apple in India Language Custard apple Shareepha Sitaphala Kastart appil Sitaphala
Watermelon Watermelon Tarabooj Tarabuja Tarpucani Kallangadi
Apricot Apricot Khubaanee Jardalu Perunkayam Eprikat
Avocado Fruit name Avocado Makhanphal Evokedo Venney Benne Hannu
Cherry in India Language Cherry Cheree Ceri Cerri Cerri
Coconut in India Language Coconut Nariyal Naral Tenkay Tenginkayi
Figs in India Language Figs Anjeer Anjir Atti Anjurada hannugalu
Grapefruit in India Language Grapefruit Angoor Khana phal Draksaphala Tiratcaippalam Drakshihannu
Jackfruit in India Language Jackfruit Kathal,
Phanas Palapazham Halasina hannu
Indian gooseberry in India Language Indian gooseberry Amla Avala, Awla Nellikkay Nellikayi
Grapes in India Language Grapes Angur,
Drakse Tiratcai Draksigalu
Guava in India Language Guava Amarood Peru Koyya Perala hannu
Kiwi fruit in India Language Kiwi fruit Keevee phal Kivi phala Kivi palam Kivi hannu
Lemon in India Language Lemon Neemboo Limbu Elumiccai Nimbe
Lychee in India Language Lychee Litchee Lichi Laichi pazham Lici
Orange Orange Santara Santra Arancupalam Kittale
Peach fruits name Peach Aadoo phal Pica phala Pic pallam Pic Hannu
fruits name Pear Nashapaatee Nasapatice phala Perikkay pallam Piyar Hannu
Pineapple fruits name Pineapple Anaanaas Ananasa Annaci Ananas
Chikku, Chikoo Chikku,
Sapota Chikku Perikkai Sapota
Pomegranate fruits name Pomegranate Anaar Dalimba Matulai Dalimbe
 Sweet lemon Sweet lemon Meetha Neemboo Goda Limbu Inippu elumiccai Moosambi
strawberries fruits name strawberries Stroberee Stroberi Straperi Straberi

I have tried to collect the various fruits ‘ names in different languages from different states of India. These are the most common languages spoken in India. Let me know if there is any correction needed or if you want me to add any other language. Put in the comments below and I will make the change.

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