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Handicrafts Of Gujarat

Gujarat is a paradise for craft lovers out there. Every district in Gujarat is specialized in some art form. Gujarat people have a keen interest in handicrafts. From few of the best embroidery work in the country to sophisticated wooden crafts, from best of leather items to various forms of block printing, there’s something special and unique about handicrafts of Gujarat.

Here we list down a few handicrafts which you should lay your hands on when in Gujarat.

01 Tie-n-dye Or Bandhej

Bandhej or Bandhani  is a unique technique of dyeing a cloth. The fabric is pinched together in selected places and tied with a thread and coated with wax so that this area resists dye. This is then immersed in a dye. After drying of the dye, the thread is opened to get a beautiful pattern. Even the simplest form of pattern require months to get ready. In Gujarat, Bandhej gharchola sarees are favoured bridal attires.

Where to find the best Bandhej work in Gujarat- Jamnagar, Kutch, Surendranagar, Mandvi, Bhuj

02 Patola

Patola is basically a double ikkat, which is a dyeing technique. Patola sarees of Gujarat are famous all over the country. It is the finest handwoven handicraft of Gujarat. There are primarily four kinds of Patola saree created by the Salvi community of Gujrat.

Where to find- Patan

03 Hand Block Printing

Gujarat is the oldest block printing hub across the globe. It still ranks amongst the major producer of block prints. There are various patterns of blocks which are printed with bright colours on cloth. There are various types of hand Block prints in Gujarat. They are-

  • Ajrakh print found in Dhamadhka and Ajarakhpur of Kutch
  • Vegetable prints of Dessa, Ahmedabad and Kutch
  • Batik print from Mundra and Mandvi
  • Saudagiri prints of Ahmedabad
  • Matani-Pachedi prints is basically Kalamkari of Gujarat

04 Rabari Embroidery

Rabari embroidery is practiced by a semi-nomadic tribe of Gujarat called the Lohana community. The highlight significance of their lives in the embroidery. Mirrors are embellished in the embroidery which is said to safeguard the children from the evil spirits of the world.

Where to find- Kutch

05 Zari

One of the most antique handicraft forms of Gujrat is the Zari embroidery. It is believed to have started in the Mughal era resonating the Mughal glory. Surat in Gujarat is the largest producer of Zari sarees and Zari items like laces, borders, fringes, cords, etc. The various forms of Zari works include the Kamdani, Mukaish, Gota Patti work, Mina work, Kinari work, Till or Marori work, Kataoki Bel.

The best place to find Zari work- Surat

06 Embroidery  And Bead Work

Embroidery and Bead work of Gujarat is a unique combination of pattern, stitches, thread work, bead work made into various shapes, forms and colours. Ari and Soof embroidery of Banaskantha; Kathipa, Mahajan, Kanbi and Rabari embroidery of Jamnagar, Bhavnagar, Rajkot Junagadh regions of Saurashtra are few of the best embroidery styles of Gujrat.

07 Clay And Terracotta Work

Toys and figures made out of clay and terracotta is a part of the very Indian pottery art. The Dangi tribes of Gujarat pray and worship their own clay God. Various figurines are made with clay or terracotta. This is another beautiful handcrafts of Gujrat.

Where to find- Kutch and Chotta Udaipur.

08 Woodwork

Gujarat is the best place to spot some of the best specimen of traditional woodwork. From small handicrafts to beautiful furnitures, Gujarat hand-carved exotic wood work is popular across the country. Meenakari furniture is found in Rajkot and Sankheda.

Where to find- Pethapur, Bhavnagar, Kutch, Saurashtra.

09 Leather Work

Leather objects are made by the Meghwal community of Gujarat. They have items like mojdi, bags, cushion covers, frames made out of leather. They are also embellished and embroidered to create few of the best art pieces. Those who are on a shopping spree cannot miss out on the leather crafts of Gujarat.

Where to find- Khavda

10 Kutchi Silver Work

Kutch is known for production of the best of silver jewelry across the globe. The tribal and ethinic jewelry made by the finest of craftsmen of the country. They are made by the Kansara community of Gujarat.

Where to find- Gujarat.

Gujarat  has a treasure trove of the best of handcrafts across the country. A paradise for traditional shopaholics. These crafts are a heritage of the country and should be preserved and patronized. They speak a lot about the rich cultural heritage of India. Do not forget to grab these while shopping in Gujarat.

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