4 Unique Theme Based Restaurants in India

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Theme-based restaurants will always be a trending place to visit, explore, have differently styled food, don’t forget Instagram pictures, and don’t waste too much on them. In the USA, harry potter theme-based restaurant is famous, Japan has a lot of anime theme-based eating places, but have you ever wondered what India has.

These restaurants have love and passion for their place and work, and now, as the visitors have accepted this uniqueness as a ‘wonder you must visit,’ then what would get better than this?

01 The Bar Stock Exchange (Mumbai)

Indeed it will sound suitable to the traders and investors. But what exactly it is! Stock exchange means prices are going either up or down. So how does it work? Well, the menu will show up on your Android or IOS, and for the first time, you will witness the menu prices going up and down.

If the food item or drink is in colossal demand, then the price will go up, and if it is not, the price will go down. Notable isn’t it! Where is it? It has branches in many cities in India, and the main outlets are located in Mumbai.

Theme based restaurant in India
people, leisure, friendship, and celebration concept – happy friends drinking draft beer and clinking glasses at a bar or pub

02 Veli Lake Floating (Trivandrum)

Whenever we think of having food in a floating place, a movie scene comes to our mind, or it appears to have something which is luxury. But, this luxury is provisioned at reasonable prices by Veli Lake Floating restaurant in Trivandrum.

Are you kidding! What is the meaning of reasonable prices! Be precise, please. So, let me know if you are not shocked when I say that the milkshakes range starts from just Rs. 10 and can reach only Rs. 175 as mentioned in an article of TimesofIndia. The place can accommodate 56 guests at once, have 14 dining tables, and giant pine trees support the restaurant float.

03 The New Lucky Restaurant (Ahmedabad)

Whenever the most peculiar list of restaurants is being penned down, there is no chance that you will miss out on this name ‘The New Lucky Restaurant. Why? Don’t be scared if I tell you that this restaurant is made on top of a real cemetery. Yes, you read it right.

The owner Krishnan Kutti bought the land for his restaurant without realizing that it has been a place of graves. But being kindhearted, he decided not to move graves and instead built a restaurant around them. According to the owner, eating among the dead brings good luck, and locals too believe that this belief relation is now 50 years old.

04 Dialogue in the Dark

Isn’t the name sound ghostly! It sounds to me, though. The theme of this restaurant is dining–in complete darkness. You can’t see your food and your inmates. But, what is the purpose? Well, it is beautiful. The restaurant aims to spread awareness about visual impairment, and that’s why the staff who will lead you to your dining table actually can’t see anything. It gives them satisfaction to work moreover improves employment for people who can’t see.

The other purpose is to experience your food just by its taste, you can try it at home, and it is difficult to eat in the dark. No cellphones are allowed, and they have lockers where you can keep them safely before dining in.

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