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WHOLESALE MARKET IN MUMBAI FOR COSMETICS – Mumbai is known for its many bulk supply markets that offer a wide range of commodities like cosmetic products.

Some common products include perfumes, makeup, skin-care creams, and hair dyes. In case you are Mumbai and want that appealing look, especially for women, there are several markets you can get quality goods at a better deal.

Interestingly, you can make your business stand out by sourcing your commodities from the best bulk supply markets. For a better insight into some best markets, here are the cream five:

01. Crawford market

This is a well-reputed bulk supply bazaar situated in Maharashtra. Amazingly, this arcade has maintained its good reputation in having a variety of goods and serving as an attraction site for tourists. However, as much as cosmetics are the talk, this bazaar still has a say in offering cheaper products. In case you are looking for cosmetic products, this is where to check first.

  • Market goods– different cosmetics, clothing, and fashion.
  • Famous for – cosmetics and fashion.
  • Address – C.G.Road, close to the University of Mumbai.
  • Operation hours – 1030hrs – 1900hrs

2. Madanpura market

Located in the south of the city, like other bulk supply markets, such as Chor, Madanpura is known for selling many commodities. Here, you will get these cosmetic commodities at a reasonable price. Get your way here and purchase your favorite cosmetic commodity cheaply.

  • Specialty – fashion and cosmetics
  • Famous for – cosmetics, clothes, bags, and textiles
  • Address – Madanpura area, textile bazaar along Pydhonie and Chor Bazaar.
  • Operational hours – 1000hrs – 1900hrs

3. Fashion street

The arcade is situated on the southern side of the city of Mumbai and is reputed for its textile and clothes shops. Shopping here guarantees you cheaper cosmetic commodities at lower prices. This arcade also offers cheap clothing and accessories.

  • Specialty – apparel and accessories
  • Famous for – Accessories, cosmetics, and clothing
  • Address – situated along the V.T. Road, Mahalaxmi
  • Operation time -1100hrs – 1900hrs

4. Wadi Bunder

This is another amazing bazaar for cosmetics. Interestingly, this arcade has been classified as one of the busiest markets given its big size. Bunder offers cosmetic commodities at pocket-friendly prices.

  • Specialty – fruits, veg, and many other products
  • Famous for – cosmetics and vegetables
  • Address – Wadi is situated between Crawford bazaar and Chhatrapati Shivaji terminus.
  • Time on – 1000hrs – 1900hrs

5. Zaveri Bazaar

This bazaar is situated in the city of Mumbai to the south and is known for its fantastic jewelry shops. Here you can get cheaper cosmetics and jewelry. Importantly, this is an excellent arcade to shop in case you want to change your complexion. Here, many shops sell cosmetic commodities, either branded or not, at a throw-away price. If you’re planning to shop here, visit this bazaar between 10 and 7.

  • Specialty – cheap jewelry and cosmetics
  • Popular for – jewelry, accessories
  • Operation hours- 1000hrs – 1900hrs
  • Address – right opposite the Asiatic society, Kalbadevi Road


In short, many other markets in the city offer cosmetic commodities at lower prices. However, this list has narrowed these markets to five. If you’re looking for quality cosmetic products, visit all markets listed above for a fantastic shopping experience. Have fun shopping as you focus on transforming your look with quality cosmetics.

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