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The state of Bihar is rich in the history of arts and handicrafts from ancient times to the present. If you are an art lover, then you will be a fan of this state.

Bihar is famous for its traditional art. It is mainly famous for the Madhubani paintings and miniature painting, which is done on paper leaves, patchwork, wall decoration, and some of the local handicrafts.

The craft of each state, including Bihar, has its art exhibition internationally or worldwide. This state has a wide range of markets across the globe for its beautiful paintings and embroidery work.

1. Madhubani Paintings

Madhubani art is traditional Indian art. This painting is also known as Mithila painting, as it is styled in the Mithila region of Nepal.

This painting is mostly done by women traditionally. Madhubani paintings are made using pure natural colors and pigment using brushes, nib-pens, twigs that give the painting a unique look.

These paintings are now professionally produced for exhibition all over the world.

Krishna Radha made by Sita devi

2. Sujini and Khatwa Embroidery

Sujini and khatwa Embroidery are very famous and one of the most conventional art and craft in Bihar. The art of Sujini has been a tradition for centuries.

This art is made with layers of old cloth for the inner stuffing and cotton or from any kind of colorful threads. The design in this embroidery mostly tells about the village scene, culture, or religious scene.

sujini embroidery

3. Sikki grass craft

Sikki grass crafts are one of the most popular crafts of Bihar. It is gaining people’s hearts because of its creativity.

This craft is found in Middle Eastern India. Sikki craft is made from sikki, found in Bihar. This craft is designed by expert artisans who work day and night to make sure they are designed perfectly.

People, especially women, would create their favorite things using this grass at an early age, such as dolls, storage boxes, bangles, and other items.

Handicrafts of Bihar

4. Bamboo and Cane Craft

This craft form is one of the old forms of art which has received a huge encouragement at earlier ages and is also cherished by the people.

In India, bamboo crafts are famous for their eco-friendly attributes. The bamboo and cane craft is well known for its excellent creativity and beauty.

This craft carries intrinsic beauties, which expert artisans offer.  This art is used to make products like woven mats, baskets, cane furniture, and other decorative and unique items.

Bamboo cane handicraft

5. Pottery Craft

Pottery has been an important part of human culture, practiced from the early ages to this present age.

Bihar has a rich legacy in clay pottery work. The potters make beautiful earthen tiles and utensils of Bihar.

Pottery and ceramic are famous for their intended purpose. Pottery is considered to be containers strictly made from clay. Both pottery and ceramic play an important role in human endeavors.

Clay pots Handicrafts of Bihar

6. Printed Textiles

Textile printing is a craft that is well known in the state of Bihar. It is mainly done on cotton, silk wool, and fleece.

This art is also practiced in the districts like Bhagalpur, Saran, Bihar Sharif, and Patna.

Beautiful designs are printed in chunris of floral, animals, and birds. Bihar has a special mention in the case of these chunris.

Morris Evenlode printed textile Handicrafts of Bihar

7. Stonecraft

Bihar state has the richest legacy when it comes to stone crafts. As we all know, Bihar is the land of Lord Buddha, and this craft is alive from the ancient era of the Mauryan period.

The stone craft has some examples of huge statues such as Buddha, Stupas, and monasteries, which are some of the beautiful creations made by the artist of Bihar.

The stone craft follows the technique of polishing which is practiced in the Patharkatti in the Gaya district.

This district has a stoneware center in Bihar, which supplies stones to the artisans to craft the best Buddhist icons.

8. Lacquerware

Lacquerware is another famous traditional craft of Bihar. The lac is usually used for making amazing items like boxes, bangles, etc., from an early period.

It is used to make small boxes and decorative items that women specially use for keeping their sindur or any other item.

This art is symbolized happiness as it is decorated with motifs of chakra, fish, and peacock.

9. Wood carving

Woodcraft is of huge religious importance and is very popular in many parts of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

With experience and creativity, a craftsman uses his skills for making the best designs to get the best result traditionally and innovatively. Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and Patna are the famous centers of wooden toy making. Gambar wood is mainly used as raw material to make this craft.

Bihar Government Official Website for Handicraft

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