Shortest Road trips in India

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Whenever we think of chilling on a road trip with friends, we mostly think of a trip to Ladakh which never happens because of the long distance, the difficult terrain and the time it requires. But there are a lot of short road trips that you could actually go and enjoy. If you are living in these cities or visit the nearby cities then you must take your vehicle, friends, music, snacks to these exciting places.

01 – Chandigarh to Kasauli

Chandigarh, the perfect architecture designed city, is well known for its lifestyle, clean roads, discipline and greenery. The city is filled with tourists due to its popularity and if you are visiting here then do not forget to take a trip to Kasauli, a beautiful mountain sight at a distance of just 57.3 KM via NH5, a wonderful place to visit with your friends and family.

Shortest Road trips in India


02 – Kullu to Malana

Kullu lies in the center of Himachal. The place itself has numerous scenic views and treks but if you want to travel on one of the most beautiful roads in the mountains then the road trip from Kullu to Malana is the answer. Malana is a small unexplored village where you can have some peaceful time with nature in mountains away from the crowd. It is just 43.7 KM from Kullu via Manikaran road.

03 – Pune to Lavasa

Pune is the eighth most popular city in India and it is also been recognized as the most livable city numerous times. Visiting Pune itself will be a great tour but would you like to see the Italian architecture designed city? The answer to this question is ‘Lavasa’. The city has colorful walls all over the place with numerous itineraries and water sports activities. No one will be bored at this place as there are calm places for people who just want to chill outside their place and many adventurous activities for enthusiasts. Lavasa is at a distance of 57.4 KM via Temghar – Lavasa Road.

04 – Delhi to Damdama Lake

Delhi, the capital of India, is the hub of everything. If you are visiting Delhi, you might hardly get time to see anything outside Delhi. But if you want to go on a road trip away from the hassle of the crowd then ‘DamDama Lake’ is the answer. You might find it a lot of travelling but it is all about choosing the right time (early morning). Damdama lake is not often chosen as the place to visit, it is mostly for people who love bike rides (due to initial congested travelling) and adventure activities. Damdama Lake is at a distance of 60.1 Km via NH8.

So, if you want to go on a road trip with your friends and family over a weekend and you are at one of these places, you can plan any of these short one day road trips to feel some oozing positive energy and happiness.

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