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The National Food of India – India is a melting pot of all cultures, traditions, languages, and people. With more than 28 states and 8 union territories, one can expect a diverse range of food and taste. There is no designated National food in India. However, Dal Khicidi can be considered the national food as it is prepared in almost all households in India, both by the Rich and Poor.

Here is some food that you will find in virtually every household in every part of India. These are the unofficial National Foods of India.

01. Dal Khichdi

There are various versions of Dal Khichdi. However, the main ingredients are rice and lentils (dal). The mixture is slowly cooked with Onion, Tomatoes, spices, vegetables, and herbs and is ready to eat within 30 min.

It is served with pickle and papad. It’s a quick and straightforward recipe prepared in almost all households in India. This is mainly a vegetarian dish and is relished when served hot. This food can even be given to infants and aged as it is very soft and easy to digest.

Other than Dal Khichdi, you will find many different types of this preparation, which changes in various parts of India. Here are some honorable mentions.

  1. ​Tamil Nadu’s Pongal
  2. Andhra’s Keema Khichdi
  3. Gujarati Khichdi
  4. Karnataka’s Bisi Bele Bhath
  5. Bihari Khichdi
  6. Bengali Khichuri
  7. Rajasthani Bajara Khichdi

Moong dal khichdi, an Indian national Dish or food

National food of India

02. Biryani

This is another food item which you can be called the ‘National food of India‘”. There are hundreds of varieties in which Biryani is prepared. You will get vegetarian and non-vegetarian biryanis, and each Biryani has its unique style of preparation. The most popular though is ‘Dum Biryani,’ which is prepared in a very traditional way.

The base ingredient of Biryani is Basmati Rice, made with simple spices and chunks of vegetables, potatoes, and mutton or chicken. Filled with the rich aroma of spices, Biryani is served in almost all restaurants and households in India and is a must-try when you visit India.


03. Paratha

A paratha is a flatbread believed to be India’s origin.  Paratha is a combination of 2 words, ‘parat’ and ‘atta,’ which means layers and cooked dough. It is a stuffing of ingredients inside the dough, flattened and then fried on a flat pan.

You would typically see the Paratha being serviced with curds and pickles, especially during breakfast, and it is mainly eaten in northern India.

The stuffing inside the dough decides the name of the Partha. For example, mashed potato stuffing is called Aloo Paratha, and stuffing with egg is called egg paratha. It is typically served directly from the pan with a generous amount of butter.


04. Gulab Jamun

Regarding sweet dishes and desserts, Gulab Jamun tops the list. It is a preferred sweet served in almost all restaurants, parties, and occasions. This is also easily prepared at home and is a delicacy in nearly all the states and regions of India.

Gulab jamun is mainly made up of khoya, All-purpose flour/refined wheat flour/ wheat flour, baking powder, clarified butter, and milk. It is kneaded to form a dough, molded into small balls, deep-fried, and dropped into sugar syrup.

Gulab Jamun

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