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When it comes to friends, bikes, Jeep (any car you have), and a road trip, this is where the fun starts but wait! Where to go? And what is the meaning of road trips?

Well, it means ‘Journey,’ which would be rememberable to all who were on it. When it comes to where to go and how to start?

This article will explore the longest though relatable road trip to you, but one might not be aware of it.

Are we talking about K2K (Kashmir to Kanyakumari)! No, no, it is not the longest one. The most stretched road trip is named ‘The Golden Quadrilateral Highway.’ Sounds nice, isn’t it?

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The Golden Quadrilateral Highway is the longest road trip road in India and consists of a road trip starting from any of these four places: Delhi (North), Mumbai (West), Chennai (South), and Kolkata (East). As the numbers presented by the government, it is 5846 KMs. Long (it could belong according to your preferential routes) is divided into four parts.

The Golden Quadrilateral Highway has 4 parts

  • The part of Delhi – Kolkata is 1453 KMs. Long,
  • The Part of Chennai – Mumbai is 1290 KMs. Long,
  • The Part of Kolkata – Chennai is 1684 KMs. Long
  • and the part of Mumbai – Delhi is 1419 KMs. Long

To cover a trip through the golden quadrilateral highway, one needs to take the route for Delhi – Kolkata of NH 44 from Delhi to Agra and NH 19 from Agra to Kolkata.

Next is Delhi – Mumbai – Chennai NH 48 and Kolkata – Chennai NH 16.

Numerous cities, places, beautiful views, and memories can easily be made on this long trip, and along with that, you can make a record too.

Camping Longest road trip India

Yes, you read that right. There are record-holders to this trip. Three friends, Ajay Bagga, Gopal Krishan Sharma, and Karan Vaid, hold the record to complete this trip in the shortest time in 2015.

They started their journey at 4:22 A.M. on Sept. 12, 2015, and covered this trip of Delhi – Kolkata – Chennai – Mumbai – Delhi in the shortest span of 76 Hrs and 19 minutes as on Sept. 15, 2015, with the whole covered distance of 5907.05 KMs.

Wow! That’s amazing, but hey, if you want to enjoy it, don’t focus on breaking this nerve-wracking record as it was done in 2015.

We believe that surely many others tried to get a good score over it, but the distance itself seems challenging to take upon, and thinking of breaking a record might spoil the mood; otherwise, you can try.

Have you noticed something? At what time is the trip taken? Yes, in the autumn season of India.

Not very much cold and not a lot heated up and the big reason behind this is that all of these four places are of the hot and humid region so there is no chance or suggestion to take this trip in between April to August or December to February because then these are the foggiest places.

The only best time to take this trip is the months of September, October, and November.

To enjoy the trip completely and in the best possible way, it will take around two-three weeks at least. It is a once-in-a-lifetime thing; make it special.

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Details about the Nation Highway can be taken from the Government of India Official Website.

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