Rana Pratap Sagar Dam

The Rana Pratap Sagar Dam is the primary attraction of Rawatbhata. Indira Gandhi, India’s then Prime Minister, formally opened the power facility on 9th February 1970.

The dam and power plant are both named after Rajasthan’s warrior Maharaja Rana Pratap.

View from recreational area of RANA PRATAP SAGAR DAM

There is no photography allowed on the dam. However, visiting this dam is a delight, and occasionally, when the dam brims with water as a result of heavy rainfall, its gates are opened to enable surplus water to pour out, creating a heart-stopping spectacle of water overflow (called Chaadar Chalna in local lingo).

The Rana Pratap Sagar Dam is a 53.8 m (177 ft) high gravity masonry dam in India. It is part of an integrated river development program that includes four projects: the Gandhi Sagar Dam (48 km upstream), the Jawahar Sagar Dam (28 km downstream), and the Kota Barrage (28 km downstream) for irrigation.

The dam generates 172 MW (four units of 43 MW each) of hydropower at the dam toe powerhouse adjacent to the spillway, using discharges from the Gandhi Sagar Dam and extra storage generated at the dam by the captured catchment area.

Since commissioning, the anticipated generating capacity of 473.0 GWh has been surpassed in the majority of years.

The water of the reservoir stretches from the dam and extends up to the Gandhi Sagar Dam. 

You can get to see from the huge statue of the great Maharana Pratap on his favorite house called Chetak on a hillock. It is made of alloy metal.

How to Reach Rana Pratap Sagar Dam

You will need to reach Kota Junction station by train. From here you will need to take a taxi. The Dam is around 55 Km from Kota Railway station and will take about an hour by taxi to reach the location.

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