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Traveling alone is always amusing. Unquestionably, there will be a lot of wanderers around the world who love to travel alone. The feeling and adventure you get while traveling solo is unique.

Going on a trip with your family and friends will be fun, but still, there are lots of things you can do when you travel alone. If you do not have an itinerary, it is perfectly fine when you do a solo trip.

You do not have to bother about anyone as you can plan everything the way you like. All you have to do is be safe and choose places wisely.

In this article, you will get to read about all the necessary tips that you can follow for a safe and exciting solo journey. So, let us see some of the points that can make your solo traveling easy, comfortable, and exhilarating.

Things to know and do during a Solo Trip

Choose the Destination

Before you pack your bags and start your journey, have a clear idea of the places you want to visit. If you like to travel alone, you will surely have an idea of the places you want to explore. So, the first step is to choose the destination. Then do good research about the place, its uniqueness, tourist spots, etc.

Without having a clear idea about the destination, it will be difficult to identify where to go once you reach there.

Understand the Mode of Transport

Once you have decided where to go, look for the best possible ways to travel there. You might be able to travel by road, rail or airways. These are going to give you an exclusive experience as well. Depending on your interest, choose a travel mode and book the tickets accordingly. Always try to arrive at the destination during morning hours.

It will be more comfortable for you. Arriving in a new place at night might not be a safe idea. So, book your tickets to reach the place during day time.

Look for accommodation options.

Solo travelers usually stay at homestays, bed and breakfast, dormitories, etc. These places can be booked at a reasonable rate. Hence, you can save some money and use it for engaging in other activities.

But it is your call. If you want to stay in luxury hotels or resorts, then go ahead and look for accommodations that can offer a great extravagance.

I would surely recommend booking accommodation for the first two nights when you arrive. Later you can roam around to different places and look for options to stay.

When you first arrive alone in a place, you might find it difficult to find a place to stay. So, pre-book your stay for the first two nights when you are traveling solo.

Time to pack your bags

Always try to travel light.  While you are wandering all by yourself, you will be the only one who has to carry all the bags. So be wise in selecting the things you want to carry.

A backpack is the best option for any traveler as it is easy to carry. According to some  women who travels, they make a checklist of things you want and pack everything neatly.

Do not just stuff all your things in the backpack. Either fold or roll your clothes to make more space in the bag. Keep all the toiletries in one pack, so it is easy to find.

Always avoid keeping any valuable items inside the backpack. Keep your money in a separate travel money belt. If you do that, you will not need to open your backpack each time you want to take cash, and it is also safe. Besides, keep a small shoulder bag and keep other belongings like your phone, laptop, or camera. You can also use this small bag to carry things when you go for a walk and visit places. Because carrying your backpack all the time with you is not convenient.

Inform your friends and family

Before you start the journey, tell your friends or family where you are going. If you have an itinerary, share the same. Try to keep one or two SIM cards of different providers as you will not know which connection has a good range in the places you are visiting.

Tips to Travel Alone

Always carry identity proof.Having identity proof is important, and you should have it handy all the time when you travel. This applies to any travelers, not just solo travelers. Always keep it safe, especially if you are using a passport to travel; make sure that it is never misplaced.

Study a few words of the local language

Understand which language is being used in the place you are visiting. Check for a few words that you will need to ask people once you are at the destination. You do not have to take a lesson for it and learn the language fully. Remember a few words like Hello, Please, Sorry and Thank you, Sorry in the native language. When you try to speak in their language, it creates a positive impact on you. People will know that you are genuinely interested in knowing their culture and tradition.

How to visit tourist spots

So, once you have reached the destination, freshen up, eat and sleep well; if you have traveled a long journey before going to bed, Google and find out about the places to visit nearby. The next day, start exploring the nearby places. Since we are relishing in the epoch of technology, use your phone to navigate the routes.

Open the Google map and enter your origin and destination to get the correct route. You can also ask the receptionist for advice on the best tourist attractions in the nearby area. Try using public transport to travel, which is much cheaper than hiring a taxi. If cycles or scooters are available to rent, you can choose that. So you will not have to wait for public transport.

Meet new people

When you travel alone, you get to interact with the local people of that city or village. You can surely ask for routes and directions to them, but never let them know that you are a solo traveler. A little lying during your travel can cause no harm. You might meet like-minded people during your journey, and maybe you can spend some time with them.

Know your boundaries if you go partying

If you are a party being, you will enjoy many pubs and clubs available. But, do not go overboard with drinking. Always remember that you are traveling alone, and there can be a lot of danger if you booze and go blackout. Even when you want to drink, take a few within your capacity. Besides, do not accept any free drinks from any strangers, whether it is a guy or a girl.

Engage in Activities

You are not at your home, and this is the time you can enjoy everything available. The place you visit might have adventure activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, paragliding, water sports, bungee jumping, trekking, and many more. Never miss the chance to try these. I bet you will enjoy these activities a lot and can create infinite, beautiful memories.

Capture wonderful moments

You are a solo traveler, and you are your own photographer. Take pictures of beautiful places and scenic views. Get selfies wherever you want and whenever you want—capture pictures of the local cuisines, arts, festivals, monuments, and many more. Later, these photographs and videos will be a great way to reflect those beautiful memories you had in the future. So never miss taking pictures of your solo travel.

Roam Around and Learn New Things

It is perfectly fine to roam around without having any particular plans. If you want to just take a walk and enjoy some food, go ahead and do it. Look for the restaurants where they serve authentic cuisines and learn about the different types of food they eat. If any fairs or festivals are happening, try to experience them. It can provide you a lot of data about the culture and traditions of the place you visit. Try and speak with a local and get to understand what the festival is about. There are a lot of things you can learn while traveling. Traveling without a set plan allows for spontaneity. You can stroll, enjoy local cuisine, and explore festivals. Click here to discover how packing your own food adds convenience and caters to dietary needs. Plus, picnicking in scenic spots elevates your experience, making travel more memorable and enjoyable.

Dress Simple                                                 

Do not wear gold or diamond jewelry and avoid flaunting expensive things around when traveling. Dress normally in simple clothes to avoid any eyes following you. You never know the people around you, and there might be someone who has an eye on your expensive jewelry. You do not want to lose any of your belongings during your beautiful journey, right. So keep everything simple and natural.

These are some of the tips you can take to enjoy your solo journey to explore sites. Get along with like-minded people during your journey and create conversations with a waiter at the restaurant or a receptionist in the hotel you stay. All these can give you a great understanding of the people around and about the place. Never be shy to ask for directions or help. A majority of the people will always be willing to help a tourist and guide in the right direction. Always try to start a day early in the morning to get more time to spend during the day. Avoid night journeys and try not to walk along the alleys and secluded roads at night to avoid any kind of danger. If we take of ourselves, it will always benefit us in one or the other way.

Other tips for Safe and Hassle-Free Solo Trip

Keep some cash handy, and always carry your debit or credit card. It is not going to be a good experience if you suddenly finish all your money and can’t travel back. Consequently, if you are a solo traveler or if you want to start traveling alone, then go ahead and save some money for your trips. Make sure to remember all the things mentioned above so that you can have a safe and enjoyable trip. Always carry a power bank and phone charger with you so that you never go out of charge. Keep informing your friends or family regarding where you are.

Remember that you should never reveal all your details to a stranger at the first meeting. When having a short chat with somebody, only share the basic facts.  Never let them know where you are staying and how long you are staying. All these are some of the safety tips to follow. Be nice and sober to the local people, and they will surely treat you very well. One of the main things you must do is to be proactive in any situation. You should never go blank or depressed with anything that happens on your journey.

During your solo travel, you will start loving many things that you have never experienced before. Dining alone, waking through a scenic beauty without thinking about anything else, shopping in the local streets, and a lot more new practices can enhance your confidence and love for yourself. Before you travel, keep in mind that solo travel is not a dangerous thing to do in life. It is a great feeling and involvement in many new things that you never knew before.

Once you have made a solo trip, you can also assist your friends or family in making a solo journey. Always try to blend in with the culture and lifestyle of the place you visit; otherwise, you will never be able to enjoy it. Keep a smile on your face, travel light, and explore the maximum areas. Make sure you relax enough and do not overdo things. Taking travel insurance is essential if you are traveling to a different country.

Solo travelers will always love themselves, and they will be very confident and positive people. Every single person in this world should at least travel alone once in their lifetime. So, plan a trip for yourself and leave away all the stress and tensions in life and enjoy your solo trip to your favorite destination.

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