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Universal Pass is an initiative by the Indian government for its citizens. It provides you easy access to generate your travel pass, which certifies that you are fully vaccinated against the covid 19 virus.

The Universal pass is proof that you will need to carry it with you and to be shown on Trains, Buses, Airports, Malls, and other public places.

This is not a travel ticket or travel pass. It is just a certificate that certifies that the holder has been vaccinated with both the Covid vaccine and has completed 14 days from the second vaccine.

You would still need to buy your ticket for the train and bus. This is just supporting proof of your vaccination.

How to Apply

01. Go to the official – http://epassmsdma.mahait.org/ and select “Universal Pass for Vaccinated Citizen”

Universal Pass

02. You will be asked to provide your Cell phone number – Use the same number which was used during the registration on the Cowin website or the AArogya Setu app.

Universal Pass

03. It will automatically fetch all the details of your vaccination. You Name, Date of Birth, Gender, and the dates of the first and second dose will automatically get fetched on the screen.

Universal Pass

04. Download your Universal Pass and keep it on the phone or take a printout. This is to be shown as proof that you are fully vaccinated with both doses.

Universal Pass


Due to the rising cases of Covid 19 in the country, the Indian government has put out a plan to control the spread and to ensure essential services continue to operate. As a part of the unlocking plan, the Government has allowed citizens who have completed both the vaccination and have completed 14 days after the second dose to travel.

For this, easy access has been provided to citizens to go online and apply for a Universal travel pass which will allow them unrestricted access to Travel in trains, buses or to visit public places like parks, malls, shopping centers, Gym, etc. This is not a travel ticket. Ticket for travel is to be purchased separately either online or from the ticket vending machine or windows.

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