Dussehra: A festival representing Indian Culture

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Dussehra is an eminent Hindu festival portraying one of the principle values of Indian culture “Truth and Dharma always wins in the end” alongside several other life lessons. On this Day, everyone knows that Lord Rama won the long fought battle against Ravana to free his wife from Ravana’s custody. This also gives a lesson that no matter how hard life gets, you just need to  stay focused and fight and the day will definitely come when the victory will be yours. But remember to fight only if you are on the side of truth like Lord Rama.

Before Dussehra, a nine day festival of Navratri is celebrated in the country and on the tenth day, Dussehra is celebrated as Vijay Dashmi but why?

According to Indian mythology, Lord Rama worshipped Goddess Durga on advice of Deity Vishnu before going to the battle with Ravana. Navratri also symbolizes the victory of good over bad as Goddess Durga killed Mahishasur and the celebration across the world is termed as ‘Navratri’ and having this festival is  also celebrated just after Navratri.

What does the celebration look like?

The most popular type of celebration is where a huge statue of Ravana is burnt symbolizing the burn of evil deeds. Considering the environment in recent years, the festival is celebrated in a very eco – friendly way by wishing each other and going out to shop gifts and exchange sweets. But, traditionally there are five types of celebration and except “Ramleela”, none of the other burns Ravana’s statue.


It is celebrated by Kshtriyas in some regions. Simmolangham means ‘no war’. On the day, kings used to exceed the limit of their kingdom. They make a statue of their enemy and shoot an arrow in the chest of the statue. They believe that the practice of this ritual can help them in the war and ensures their victory.


Shami (Ghaf tree) tree is worshipped on this day. It is believed that Pandavas hid their weapons underneath the protection of Shami tree and when they came back after one year of penance, they found them untouched which helped them to go to war against Kaurvas. It is also believed that Shami tree predicted the victory of Lord Rama when he was on his way to Lanka.


People worship their weapons on this day and it is considered as a very important tradition to warriors. Moreover, if you want to begin with any new venture, this day is considered as the best day and that no bad luck will cross your work.


This is also a very significant ritual for the people who are preparing for any kind of battles or exams. Goddess Aparajita is the deity of power and energy and the name of the ritual came from the fruit which is considered to be the favorite of Lord Vishnu.

We wish you liked the ways to celebrate Dussehra. We also wish you a very happy Dussehra.

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