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Kerala Ayurvedic Massage – Ayurveda is an ancient science of India and involves a holistic approach to a comprehensive plan to achieve good health and wellness.

Ayurveda has been practiced for thousands of years, and the same aspects of healing have been passed down from generation to generation right up to this day.

 Kerala Ayurvedic Massage

Kerala has been a torchbearer of this ancient science, and tourists traveling here can experience this ancient healing and rejuvenation, which is achieved by the various Ayurvedic massages and herbal medicines.

Modern Allopathic medicines do not have the complete cure for ailments like Arthritis, frozen Shoulder, Spondylitis, slipped Disc, Stress, etc. However, the Ayurveda Massage is known to cure these ailments right of the root.

Here are some Message Therapy that is practiced in Kerala

1. Pizhichil Massage Therapy

This massage is known for its soothing and rejuvenating treatment. Pizhichil translates to ‘Squeeze’.  In this therapy, warm medicated oil extracts are applied all over the patient’s body. The oil is poured on the person’s body by squeezing the cloth, after which massage is given to either the entire body or to a certain part of the body.

Few of the ailments cured with Pizhichil Massage are

  • Relieves Fatigue
  • Rejuvenates the Skin
  • Eliminates Vata Disorders
  • Manages Stress Disorders
  • Reduces Body Pain
  • Reduces Nerve Weakness
  • Cures Sexual Weakness

2. Njavarakizhi Massage Therapy

This Therapy is also called Kizhi. It is another unique therapy in which rice is powdered and mixed with various herbs, and boiled. It is then wrapped in a cotton pouch. This cotton bag is called Kizhi. The masseurs apply this Kizhi on the entire body. This treatment gives nourishment the all the tissues which are close to the skin. The Njavarakizhi treatment is performed every day for an hour and is to be continued for 14 days.

 Kerala Ayurvedic Massage

This treatment cure the following ailments

  • Joint pains
  • Rheumatism
  • Weakness
  • Bad Cholesterol
  • Various skill ailments and disorders

3. Sirodhara Massage Therapy

This is a massage therapy that is usually done at the start of every Massage. Herbal oils are used for bathing the head in a steady stream for a specific time frame.  Depending on the dosha condition, selected oil is applied to the crown of the patient.

A headband called ‘Vartti’ is tied next to the ear to ensure that the oil does not flow down into the person’s eyes. The person is asked to lie on the back, and his head is made to rest on a traditional massage table made from special wood like Arjuna, Bilva, and even sandalwood.

 Kerala Ayurvedic Massage

The person is positioned in such a manner that the stream of oil from the container falls accurately on the center of the person’s forehead. The massager will then gently move the vessel carrying the herbal oil on the complete temple and massage it gently with the other hand.

The duration for his herbal message is around 1 to 1.5 hours. The time may be extended depending on the severity of the ailment.

This treatment is recommended for the following ailments

  • Depression
  • Mental relaxation
  • Sinusitis
  • insomnia
  • Severe Cold
  • Disorders around the eyes and ears

4. Shirovasthi Massage Therapy

The ingredients used in the preparation of this Kerala Ayurvedic Massage are Ghee, milk, Gingelly oil, Staff tree, castor old, Winter cherry, black gram, and other common herbs. There is a unique way of boiling the herbs to extract the medical properties which are to be used in this massage.

The oils extracted from this process are made gently warm and poured on the head of the person. The oil is left on the head for around an hour (this depends from person to person). This treatment is done while the person is sitting comfortably in the chair.

The Ayurvedic oil soaks into the skin and works on the brain to improve the central autonomic nervous system of the body.

The treatment is usually given daily for around 14 days, depending on the patient ailment and health condition.

This Therapy is used to treat the following conditions

  • Migraine
  • Memory loss
  • mental stress
  • Headache
  • Insomnia – Sleep Disorders
  • Nose and Eye problems
  • Spondylosis


5. Abhyangam Massage Thrapy

This is the most popular Kerala Ayurvedic Massage, and the word Abhyangam translates to ‘Massage’.

The massage is given to the whole body, emphasizing the 107 important points called ‘Marma’ in the body.

This therapy is very popular in Kerala as the treatment is tailor-made and different for every individual. An Ayurvedic practitioner will evaluate the patient’s condition and prescribe what herbal oils are to be used for the massage.

This is an overall Rejuvenation of the complete body and can be used to get the following benefits

  • Increase the blood count
  • Increase Antibodies and improve bodies resistance level
  • Improve the immunity of the body against viruses and environmental changes
  • Overall improvement of the health of the body


6. Elakizhi Massage Therapy

This is a unique therapy in which herbal leaves are used and applied to the whole body along with warm medicated ayurvedic oils.  This treatment is also commonly known as ‘Patrawedam’ meaning “Leaf Therapy.

Bundle of leaves, oil, and herbal extracts are used and massaged on the entire body, especially the neck, hand, shoulder, back, and the person is shifted from one side to the other to ensure the therapy covers every part of the body.

This therapy is generally prescribed to benefit in

  • Promote better circulation and increase perspiration for cleansing
  • Clean the skin of old debris
  • Relax the tone of the skin
  • Improve the strength of the mussels
  • Pain relief from conditions such as arthritis and paralysis.


7. Nasya Massage Therapy

This treatment is used to treat ailments around the nostrils. Medicated herbal oil and Ayurvedic preparations are used around the nostrils after applying other medicated oils and massaging the face, but by keeping the eyes protected.

This therapy is generally prescribed to benefit in

  • Ear and Eye ailments
  • Facial Paralysis
  • Migraine
  • Sinusitis
  • Nasal congestion
  • Dental issues


8. Karnapooranam

The word Karnapooranam translates to ‘Filling the ears.’ This Kerala Ayurvedic Massage involves messaging the ear lobes gently with medicated oil, and some of the oil is even poured into the patient’s ear.

Treatment is used in the following ear problems

  • Clean the infections of the ears.
  • Helps improve hearing.
  • Removes ear wax and dirt.
  • Strengthens the inner bones in the ear.
  • Clean the ear canals
  • To treat neck stiffness.
  • Relief from Ear ache.
  • Calms the mind.


9. Lepam Ayurvedic treatment

This Kerala Ayurvedic Massage is mainly used for skincare and is knows to have cured many types of skin ailments. This is also an anti-inflammatory treatment for pain in the joint and swelling in the affected area. The paste is prepared from various medicinal herbs and applied to the affected area of the body. Nowadays, this cream is readily available online and can be purchased and delivered at home.

These are the conditions in which Lepam treatment is given

  • Various types of inflammatory conditions
  • Arthritis
  • Gout, Eczema, and skin diseases
  • To reduce inflammation
  • To increase blood circulation
  • Relieve from inflammatory pains


10. Foot Massage

The foot has various pressure points that connect to multiple parts of the body and its organs. Special medicinal oils are extracted and massaged on the foot. This helps stimulate the internal organs and make them healthy.

Nowadays, this treatment is given in various malls, even in cities, but the massage given in Kerala is unique as it’s a tradition that has come done from thousands of years of practice.


About Kerala – Kerala is an Indian state which is situated within the southwest end of India’s subcontinent. Kerala has a long history and is famous for its art and culture. It has the best literacy ratio in India and is known for its accolades in education, fitness, and social justice.

Kerala has a tropical climate and the monsoons contribute to the beautiful landscapes, abundant water bodies, endless beaches, and more than 40 rivers. This Indian state is also famous for the cultivation of tea and spices.  It is also known as ‘God’s Own Country’

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