Why do Indian brides wear a nose ring?

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Why do Indian brides wear a nose ring

The Nath often referred to in the form of the nose stud or the nose ring, has been an essential element in Indian culture. It is available in various styles, shapes, colors, and styles.

It is widely used across all regions of the nation. Brides wear their nose studs or rings on the left or both sides, and the ring is attached to the ear using long chains of fine gold.

In certain societies, like the one in South India, it is placed in the same direction as the other. In contrast, in the northern portion of India, the popularity of this piece of jewelry is due to its being fashionable.

Still, there is also a religious significance to the jewelry. This is why we will talk about the importance of a Nath.


The nose chain was frequently worn by women of South Asia and North Africa (Sudan) for many centuries. Women in India have worn these since the 6th century. It is evident in a variety of Indian statues.

It is essential during wedding ceremonies. Hindu custom dictates that during the wedding ceremony, the bride will wear the necklace of her nose that is attached with a chain either to the earring or the hair. The necklace can be worn by females to show respect and dedication to Goddess Parvati, who is believed to be the goddess of marriage.

Significance of the Nath in Wedding Attire

In Hindu culture, the nose ring is typically used to symbolize the bride’s purity. The decision of whether to wear the ring or not on the wedding day is the bride. If she chooses to dress in it for the occasion, she must wear a nose ring using metals and colors that match her lehenga-choli dress and that saree she’s already purchased to wear for the wedding.

The bride must also ensure that her ring is in harmony with the earrings, necklace, maang tikka, bangles as well as other pieces of her wedding jewelry.

The size of the ring for the nose should be selected, taking into consideration the appearance of the bride’s face and her nose. For instance, a girl who has a round face can look better by wearing a big nose ring. But, it should be remembered that nose rings aren’t made to be worn by every bride.

Furthermore, even though the Nath is generally associated with Hindu culture, that doesn’t mean that brides of different religions or cultures are not allowed to wear them. For example, nose rings are a popular choice with Muslim brides.

Types of Naths in India

The most popular necklaces worn by women who are married in India and particularly in Bihar include the laung that has a shape as the clove. It is a popular choice in Rajasthan.

The bridal nathuri are small rings that are made of silver or gold and decorated with semi-precious stones. The brides of Uttar Pradesh wear naths adorned with pearls and beads to symbolize prosperity.

The most common designs for nose pins are gold. They are popular with brides from all over India.

Different kinds of Naths worn throughout India.

In a nation such as India that has this variety, Nath is bound to possess a wide variety of its own based on various regional influences. Here are a few examples:

  1. Shikharpuri Nath is a component of Punjabi culture. It is worn by brides and the other women in the home during a wedding ceremony. The Nath or Nose ring is a large-sized hoop with various patterns. It has an attaching chain that could be tied to the hair or attached to the earring to the left. Nathni is a lighter version of the same design and features the addition of a lighter chain. This type of Nath is also very popular throughout Rajasthan in Rajasthan and Gujarat.
  2. Naths of Rajasthani brides can also be referred to as Nathuri. It is mainly made of silver or gold with only one or no precious stone inside. Today, the oxidized nose pin is attracting a lot of notice.
  3. Women of Maharasthra have Brahmani Naths, a ring embellished with emeralds and pearls. This traditional piece of jewelry can be worn with heavy traditional sarees. It can also be worn with jewelry made of gold.
  4. Women from Uttarakhand wear Nathuli, a large jewelry piece of gold embellished with pearls.
  5. Women from the South can wear nose rings on both sides of the nose. These are merely studs in the form of a lotus flower or swan called Mukhuttis.

There are a variety of designs of this gorgeous jewelry, and without a doubt, it will present you with a unique look when you wear it. Make sure to dress your appearance in an attractive silver or gold nose pin, a simple silver nose pin, or a diamond-studded nose and revel in its beautiful look and the health advantages.

Different categories of Nath or Nose ring

1. Vintage Nose Stud

The ring of a vintage nose is an intricately made piece of jewelry that is made of gems and pearls. It’s a good match with luxurious and sophisticated pearl jewelry and is stylish, elegant, and delicate all at once. It could be a wonderful choice for your wedding!

2. Nose Ring

Nose rings are great with any attire. They’re perfect for a nighttime event prior to or following your wedding. They are made of diamonds, gemstones, and gold plating. There are a variety of designs available in earrings that are made of silver. They create an elegant, minimalist appearance.

3. Stone-Crusted Nose Ring

If you have a nose that is long this ring is ideal for you. The ring with a stone crust is stylish and elegant to match Indian outfits. It’s not loud, however, it is an impact. A pure silver nose ring may be found in this and looks equally stunning.

4. Nose gold ring made of gold with gold chain

This classic ring could be ideal for your wedding. It’s minimalist, yet it gives an attractive appearance. It is created using gold and pearl. The nose rings, also known as nose pins can be purchased as clip-ons too.

5. Hoop Nose Stud ring

This ring is perfect with heavy necklaces and jhumkas. These rings are created with gemstones, pearls, gold and. This is a fantastic alternative for your wedding!

A nath ring or nose ring looks elegant and feels royal as well. Your wedding day should be flawless in every aspect, so choosing the right jewelry is a crucial part of your checklist. It is possible to check the various designs that are available prior to decide on the nose pin.

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