Top 10 Famous Assam Handicrafts

Assam Handicrafts: Gandhiji had once said that Assamese women weave dreams on their looms when he saw the silk village in Suwakulchi. Apart from being great weavers, Assamese people also have expertise in basketry, mat making, bamboo crafts, and other handicrafts.

The women here work over the suitable hours for picking the tea leaves from the tea bushes. The Assamese silk community weaves out some of the finest handmade textiles worldwide. ‘Gamusas’ or traditional towels are another exquisite look product that every bride should process before marriage.

The richness of art and craft in Assam beautifully reflects the state’s bountiful culture. To know more about the various handicrafts of Assam, keep reading below.

01. Silk Fabrics Of Assam

Assam silk fabrics have earned recognition worldwide for their grandeur and beauty. There are various forms of silks like Muga, Pat, and Eri. The majority of Assamese households have silk weaving looms in their households.

People of Assam proudly proclaim that Assamese Muga is one of the best silk qualities across the world. In Assam, for every Assamese woman, the Muga silk Mekhela chador is a prized possession. The motifs weaved on the chadors or sarees depict the various life forms of the Assamese tribal community.

You can find Assamese Silk at any fabric or clothing store in Assam. The silk sarees are available across the nation and are known to be pricy.

Assam Handicrafts

02. Water Hyacinth Handicrafts Of Assam

Water Hyacinth is a free-floating aquatic plant found across the states of Assam and West Bengal. It is known to create havoc in the water bodies.

People of Assam utilize the stem of the water hyacinth to make gorgeous handicrafts like purses, footwear, handbags, lampshades, etc. The best water hyacinth is found in retail outlets at Guwahati.

Assam Handicrafts

03. Bamboo And Cane Handicrafts Of Assam

Assam is famous all over the world for bamboo and cane handicrafts. Bamboo is found abundantly in the region—the indigenous people of Assam have expertise in bamboo craft making. The state is a major exporter of these crafts. They are bought as souvenirs by visitors who come to Assam.

They have a whole range of items which include baskets, musical instruments, chairs, weaving accessories, etc. A traditional sunshade of Assam known as Jappi is famous across the state. Bamboo and cane handicrafts are also found everywhere across the state.

Assam Handicrafts

04. Mask Making Art Of Majuli Island

Mask making is another worldwide acclimated handicraft of Assam. For ages, it has been practiced in Majuli by ‘Satras’ and ‘Bhakats.’ Masks are an integral part of Sattriya culture. They are used to provide a physical form to mythological characters from the Purans. Bamboo and Paper are used for making masks. You would find masks in the Darrang district shops.

Assam Handicrafts

05. Bell Metal Handcraft Of Assam

The bell metal is used to make items that are used in every household. Bell metal products are exported to the international market. Utensils, musical instruments, monastery gongs are a few things that are made out of bell metal. The metal is considered aesthetic and sacred by the people of Assam.

During religious ceremonies eating on dishes made of the bell, metal is considered sacred. You will find bell metal handicrafts in Sarthebari in Assam.

Assam Handicrafts

06. Paintings

Assamese painting is famous worldwide for its versatile nature and bright colors. The paintings mostly depict various folklore, myths, religious customs, and ceremonies associated with the state or the country at large. Assam is home to a lot of veteran painters.

07. Pottery

The Kumar’s and Hiras are two famous Assam communities that excel in pottery making. They carve a variety of items with their hands. The art of pottery making has been practiced for ages in Assam.

Assam Handicrafts

08. Jewelry

Assamese Craftsmen are known to create beautiful jewelry from gold, silver, bamboo, or even cane. It’s a  traditional art passed on from one generation to the other. Washing of Gold and making jewelry are two ancient and important industries of Assam as gold dust was found in plenty in the river sands.

You will find men and women both wearing jewelry. However, their designs are not the same. Other metals that are used are copper, brass, bronze, amber, ivory.

Assam Jewellery

09. Terracotta Handicrafts

The terracotta handicrafts are another exquisite produce of the state. Terracotta figurines of various goddesses, mythological characters, and toys are popular all over the state.

Assam terracotta
Home Decor clay made idols for sale in the market, terracotta handicrafts on display true craftsmanship.

Assam is a hub of beautiful handicrafts apart from being enthralling in terms of natural beauty and tourist attraction. Assam is one of the most colorful and vibrant states of India.

Domestic weaving is considered a crucial craft for Assamese women since their marriage and future depend on this skill. An important part of the tradition is for an unmarried girl to present a handmade Bihuan to her to be beloved. Weaving is a significant part of an Assamese cultural value.

Another important fact of Assam – For more than 100 years, Assam has been a major export of tea and produces around 25 percent of the world’s requirements.

You must visit Assam for a vacation and lay your hands on these beautiful handicrafts.

10. Decorative Candles

The Traditional art of candle making started a few years ago and more than 200 artisans have adopted this art and livelihood of making decorative and scented candles in Assam. It is a small-scale industry that specializes in handmade candles. Candles for Diwali, Christmas, and other Indian festivals can be sources from here.

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