Top 17 Trekking Destinations in Mumbai

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Trekking or hiking is a great activity that can keep you healthy and refreshed.

Enjoying some quality time in nature is a special feeling that must be experienced often, especially for busy people and is stressed and tired of the daily routine.

A weekend or a day trip can be beneficial to get some relaxation. So escape in your state to energize your body and mind. Choose trekking as it is one of the best choices that you can make.

This guide will provide you with awareness about the places in Mumbai where you can go hiking with your friends or family during weekends. These trekking spots have trails that make it easier for everyone to enjoy this activity. So let us explore the beautiful trekking places in Mumbai now.

Best Trekking Destinations in Mumbai

1. Kanheri Caves Trail

This is an easy trekking trail located in the affluent district – of Borivali in Mumbai. The Kanheri Caves Trail can be found in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, where you can walk through the forest, offering picturesque views.

A small cliff can be seen at the end of the trail. Other attractive views here are the exotic birds flying and chirping around. The trekking trail begins at the Kanheri plateau and ends at the Kanheri caves. At the end of the trek, a few steps can lead you to the cave entrance.

These caves are easily accessible from the Western Express Highway, and you can take your private vehicle up to the foot of the caves from where you can start trekking.

Kenheri Caves

2. Shilonda Trail

Shilonda Trail can also be found in the district of Borivali and is a beautiful trekking spot inside the Sanjay Gandhi National Park.

The trekking trail will lead you to a walkway, and you will trek through the dense forest along a few exquisite streams. The trail’s end is the farthest point of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park.

Anyone can trek through this path as it is an easy trail without steep hills. But the distance you will cover may be long, so people who are not used to walking might find it difficult.

3. Yeoor Hills

Yeoor Hills will be the right choice for people looking for a one-day trek.

This beautiful hill is located in Thane at the back end of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. This short trek will only take about 30 minutes to reach the top.

You get to see many panoramic views and streams along the way, and you can also find a suitable pit stop to take a break.

When you reach the top of the hill, you can capture some beautiful views of Thane. This is an easy trek, but a few places can be slippery.

4. Chinchoti Trail

Situated in Vasai, which is very close to Mumbai, the Chinchoti Trail can be accessed by various routes.

Some trails can be challenging, but some are easy. You can select the trails according to your health and stamina. One easy route begins from Kaman Phata.

This trail begins from a small village and leads up to a few small streams. You will have to cross these streams during the trek.

Once you cross the streams, you will get into a thick forest area to walk and reach a fascinating waterfall. During weekends, this area can be crowded.

5. Tungareshwar Trail

Tugareshwar Trail can be reached by many routes that include both tough and easy trekking paths. If you want to choose an easy route, you can reach the Shiva Temple by walking for about 4 km.

Further, if you walk for 3 km, you can reach the Balayogi Ashram. If you want to trek more, then go up again to see the Vajreshwari Springs.

You can capture many scenic views as you walk to the beautiful springs. You might be able to see some colorful birds and deciduous trees near the springs. This adventurous trail is located in the city of Virar, which is very close to Mumbai city.

Top Trekking Destinations around Mumbai

The trekking trails are in Mumbai, which can be easily accessed and suitable for a one-day trip. Now let us see some trekking spots located within 100 to 200kms from Mumbai.

6. Matheran

This trekking spot is situated 2500 m above sea level. Matheran is a small hill station located amidst the Sahayadri Range.

Cars are prohibited inside the city of Matheran; therefore, you can experience some fresh, clean air when you enter this beautiful place.

People who love to experience a quiet environment must surely visit Matheran. You can find many birders in this destination since it is one of the best spots to see different varieties of birds, including migratory birds.

There is a toy train which will take you from Nerul station in the direction of the center of Matheran. This is probably the only place that does not allow motor vehicles, and traveling within the hill station can be done on foot or horseback.

Matheran - Top Trekking Destinations in Mumbai

7. Peb Trail

To trek to the Peg Fort, you need to walk through one of the most beautiful trails. It is an easy trek, and it starts from a village and then goes through a small forest and a few caves.

You should try to visit this place at least once, being a Mumbaikar. This fort is positioned in Neral, about a two-hour journey from Mumbai. You can find ladders here in some areas that are difficult to climb.

Anybody can go for this trek even if there is no prior trekking experience. If you are an experienced trekker, you can trek more to reach the Panorama Point in Matheran, but this can be challenging.

8. Garbett Point Trail

This is a place where you can see the enthralling view of a plateau below. To reach Garbett Point, you need to pass through narrow rocky paths and steep slopes.

This means this trek is not suitable for all. You need some experience to finish the trek. The journey starts from the Diksal Village, and it will take about six hours to reach Garbett Point.

During the monsoon, the stream en route will be flowing heavily, and you will need extra precautions to cross the stream. This trekking trail can be spotted at 73 km from Mumbai.

9. Kune Waterfalls Trail                                           

This stunning waterfall is located about two kilometers away from the Khandala railway station. Kune Waterfall trek is not for solo trekkers. You will surely need an expert guide to trek up to the top to see the crystal clear waterfalls.

It is a 3-hour trek, and you can either book a group trek since various organizations conduct hikes to the Kune Waterfalls. The trekking path is not easy to navigate, so never try this trek by yourself.

People who would like to go for a long drive from Mumbai can choose this trek situated 86 km from Mumbai. Moreover, it is not an easy trek. Only experienced trekkers might be able to finish it.

10. Rajmachi Fort Trail

This is one of the most prominent trekking trails near Mumbai. Rajmachi Fort is located in a village called Udhewadi, which is about 95 km from Mumbai City.

The Rajmachi fort trail starts from this village, and the trek involves a great scenic beauty. You can find an easy trekking route to reach the top, even though various paths.

If you are an adventurous trekker and would like to try a difficult path, you can choose the trail from the Kondana caves.

Rajmachi - Top Trekking Destinations in Mumbai

11. Lohagad Trek

Lohagad Fort is one of the utmost visited places near Mumbai by most tourists who love adventure. T

his fort can be accessed via different routes and can be tricky. You can take a bus or a cab to reach the base of the trek. You will be walking through the green grass carpet trail, and en route to the fort, you might be able to sight some birds and animals.

The rainy season is the best time to visit this place as you can see the fort amidst the mist and feel the cold breeze brushing against you.

From the top, what you can view is amazing and cannot be expressed in words. It is to see that beautiful view, and people from all around the world engage in this trek.

This beautiful location is located at about 94 km from Mumbai.

Lohagad Fort

12. Karnala Fort Trek             

Karnala is a pleasant village located at the base of the Karnala Fort ruins, located in the district called Raigad. Many people choose this destination as a weekend getaway.

You can see small huts in the village and can easily spot a few hotels where you can stay. You can capture the views of lush green forests and the beautiful environment that attracts most people from the cities.

You can reach the fort by hiking through the steep rocks. At the top, you will see many varieties of birds.

The scene from the fort is remarkable, and you will not feel like coming back. Besides, you can witness the wild flora and fauna during your journey.

Karnala Fort Trek             

13. Dhak Bahiri Trail

Dhak Bhiri is a cave located in the Jambhavali region. It is located at the height of 2700 feet above sea level. The trek starts from the village known as Sandshi, and the duration of the trek is about two to three hours, depending on the pace of the trekkers.

This location is at a distance of about 76 km from Mumbai City. Moreover, the most prominent point in the Dhak Bahiri Trail is the Kalakrai Pinnacle.

But the trek to reach this point is not very easy, and only experienced trekkers can reach this point. So, this trail is not for amateur trekkers as the route is challenging and dangerous. You will need to use some trekking equipment to reach the top point.

14. Korigad Trekking Trail

This beautiful trekking trail is situated in Aamby Valley City in the district of Pune.

If you love to go for long drives, choose a weekend to visit this awe-inspiring destination about 107 km from Mumbai. The trekking trail can lead you to the Korigad Fort.

The path for trekking starts from the Peth Shahpur Village, and this route is easy for beginners. The trekking path is a mud road followed by steps to reach the fort.

The steps can be very slippery during the monsoons, so be cautious.


15. Sudhagad Fort Trek

Sudhagad Fort Trail can be spotted at about 106 km from Mumbai. This is an easy trek that starts from the Thakurwadi village, and the end of the trail, will reach the Sudhagad Fort.

The trail has a few difficult paths, but there are stairs to climb such areas, making it easy for everyone to climb and reach the fort.

The fort’s entrance is magnificent, and you can capture some photos standing in front of the Dindi Darwaja. This fort is closer to the Raigad district of Maharastra and is about 11 km east of Pali.

16. Raigad Fort Trek

This is an extremely beautiful spot, especially during monsoons. The Raigad Fort is a magnificent and visually appealing hill fort located in the district of Raigad.

You can find more than one route to reach the fort. Once you are about to reach, you can see steps to lead you to the fort’s entrance. For an adventurous trekking experience, you can choose the trail through the dense forest, which will lead you to the Nane Darwaja.

Trekkers from Mumbai city will have to take a long drive to cover a distance of about 166 km.

Raigad fort towers - Top Trekking Destinations in Mumbai

17. Ratangad Fort Trek

To reach the trekking base of Ratangad Fort Trek, you will have to take a boat ride from Bhandardara. After reaching Bhandardara, you need to walk to the village called Ratanwadi.

One route to reach the top of the fort includes rocky terrain and a small forest. At the same time, the second route consists of steps and ladders that lead you straight to the fort’s entrance.

Both routes are moderately difficult. The second route with steps can sound easy to you, but the steps pass through steep curves, which might be difficult for many people. The sight from the top of the fort is amazingly picturesque.


Everybody needs a break from their stressful life; Once in a while, you must take a break and travel somewhere. If you have such beautiful destinations near your home, why not travel there. All these places mentioned above are the best trekking spots, so you get to enjoy both trekking and the quaint view of Mother Nature.

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